FAFSA Information Requirements

for Determining Financial Aid Eligibility

Pell Grants and subsidized Stafford (Direct) loans are need-based, which is why the USDE requires detailed financial information on the FAFSA – Free Application for Federal Student Aid. At the beginning of this application, enter the Federal School Code for the Body Therapy Institute: 041728.

Here's a list of required information you'll need to complete this application:

This information is to be entered online as part of the application – you will not mail any of this documentation to the USDE.

Upon completing the FAFSA process, you will be given a value for your Expected Family Contribution, or EFC. This value is used to compute grant and loan eligibility with respect to total cost of education. You will enter this value when prompted during the online Student Interview in the BTI Virtual Financial Aid Office.

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For additional information or assistance, contact the BTI Admissions Department at
888-500-4500, or email <enroll@bti.edu>.